About us – Gymballast

We are people who love physical exercises combined with art. The world changes, technology and automated technology raise standards and make us create personal battlefield because we believe that a man has to have a stimulus to do something great.

The man is not made for sitting in front of the computer, moving is nature.

We love gymnastics, calisthenics, athletics and different kinds of exercises with our own body mass. We believe it is the basis of our existence, body development as well as the development of our artistic spirit.

I was given a body and I am going to make an armour from it.

Classic hand standing or even regular push-ups let us overcome gravity, or even not these things themselves but we do it by working on our bodies, being in two minds and controlling ourselves. Thanks to that, we are able to create such beautiful bodies. We interact with the universe with our being. And that is what we love about gymnastics.

It is not another sports discipline created for the Olympic Games spectators who crave for that, it is an art.

In response to nowadays trends, we offer you some ballast but not the one you will find at the gym. We encourage you to take some exercises with your own body mass. You will find here carefully selected things that would support not only your physical development but also an artistic one so that you could get higher and higher.